Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Why February Is Seeffan Most Fabulous Month

                                              BY  Seeffan

Hello February! Always the hardest month to dress for, don't you think? Here are 20 comfortable, warm and very stylish outfit ideas - one for every day! Enjoy, bookmark and stay inspired in the cold! I hope you enjoy. Please leave your precious comments. You can also follow me on G plus and my blog also.wish you good health for all.

This once can ruled your mind, also the rest some gorgeous collection i'm bringing for my fans.
   What's your reaction on this picture the lady who wears  black & white combination looks cold.
   And what you say about this this the white beauty,the bags she carry looks malodorous.
    Here are next completely  carry western culture.
                                         My favorite this one, looking purely violet.
                    And what about this typical India girls fashion style
                The next one yellow yellow dirty fellow just kidding a part looks in hurry.
    Looking James Bond team mates are you guys agree with me or not,correct me if i'm wrong.
                                    The next on makes you hurry!!!!!
                           The white feather looks! looks my face if you can!!
                          No sky limits for me ! My style smoked you really.
                                                 Just stop starring me do what i does!
           Hey you want to see me again, so you have to think like me and look like me.
                                       No one can ruled my fashion ! i'm my mamma girls.
                                                                                     Just do what i does if you like!

My fashion makes you crazy.
                                         Run with me just like me!
                                          What about this causal look, like or not
                           This once really blown your mind really i must say!
                                    The whole world sing with me!
                                            Caught me if you can! Its not possible i must say.

February is always one of Seeffan busiest months thanks to fashion, fashion and more fashion! Our chic EIC is busy preparing her fall ready-to-wear presentation, attending some of her favorite designers’ fashion shows, finding time to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your beautiful once. Thankfully now the fashion marathon is complete, Seeffan will pack up her caftans & head on a much – needed vacation to a Goa beach destination. Until then , it’s go time 

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Monday, 1 February 2016

Smoky Fashion Suited Up

  • It’s Happy to Monday

A minimal dependent seem that's so easy to place up, most effective a smooth black blazer with a pair of tailor-made shorts (with trousers this might look rather cool too), then quite simply add your favorite components and excessive heeled sneakers. I made up my mind to showcase you guys two one in every of a style patterns of necklace, a black thick choker for a further minimal vibe and a announcement necklace that particularly stands out in a all black outfit and that appears potent with deep v necks.

The declaration necklace is from Happiness Boutique and you are going to see it right right here, if you are watching for announcement pieces of any type they've an robust assortment. I would really like to put on this one with a pair of black flared jeans and bandeau long high roo.

The coat is from Zaful and you are going to see it right here.
Hope you're keen on this appear. Please leave you precious comments so that I can update some best post for you in next time.

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